28 Jahre Erfahrung in Sprachreisen, Schuljahresaufenthalte, Highschool-Years und Gastfamilienaufenthalte

Trudie Jamieson von der Waiheke High School

Trudie Jamieson von der Waiheke High School in Neuseeland bei einem Besuch in Regensburg bei Terre des Langues. Das Video entstand bei einem Ausflug nach Kallmünz vor der Kulisse Burg Kallmünz - TrudieJamieson from Waiheke High School in New Zealand visits Terre des Langues Student Exchange in Regensburg, Germany. In the back the castle of Kallmünz


Gastfamilien in den USA

The current political climate in the US has not changed our host families. They are more than ever anxious to show foreign guests what America is really about.

Now more than ever we need to increase international understanding. That has always been the core of what Terre des Langues is about. That is why people like us are doing this job.
We hope we can convey our warm welcome to the European students.